Puto is a most common delicacies here in the Philippines, it has many variation of taste, looks, and shape, and it is depend on its class, some Puto are small, some of them are big. But it depends on how it is made is the important thing. One thing that Puto have in common is that they are all made of rice that grinded in different ways, that is why it has a lot of variation.

Puto Pao


I am not really sure what this is called. The first time I tasted it seemed like Puto with filling like a Siopao, it was when my grandmother made it, I loved it then. She said it was called “Cuapao”. The shape was like a Cupcake.



What is it

Well, it is made of rice, of course, and like a Siopao it is the only Puto with a filling inside. It has many types, but the one that we are selling is the most common in Biñan. It is round, compare to other. Sometimes is serve with a Cupcake tray. But selling it in a box and styrofoam is the best way.

Puto Biñan


Puto Biñan is the most delicious delicacies in all the Puto. It’s ingredient hasn’t change in 60 years and counting. It is the most delicious Puto ever made, i don’t know it’s background but I think it’s ingredient has been past down for many generations. My Tita Nila is the one who taugh my grandmother to make it. And when my grandmother started a business on delicacies, my grandmother didn’t change the recipe.

This was taken from Aling Nene’s Pasalubong

What is it

Puto Biñan is compose of grinded rice, lots of eggs, mixed with water and after that it is pampered with cheese, smolted with butter and top it with grinded egg.

Puto Pulo


Puto Pulo is also made by rice, It was founded by Petron Nila Samaniego or called “Nilas” in Biñan in 1940, she was also the founder of all the puto’s in Biñan, in 1940. My grandmother use to live there, because Nila is my grandmothers cousin and our relative.

What is it

As usual, it is made from grinded rice, mix with water and some sugar and condense milk. There are two types of Puto Pulo original and assorted, assorted is just compose of food coloring, but it is the same taste as the original the different is only the color.

Puto Popo


Puto Popo is just like Puto Pao, on it’s looks, but it is the same as Puto Biñan. Petron Nila is also the founder of it.


What is it

Same as Puto Biñan.


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